Watch any content with your friends

Synclify is a browser extension that lets you watch any streamed content in sync with your friends. Open-source and ad-free, straight from your browser.

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Warning: Project is still in early development so weird bugs or behaviour are to be expected.


What you get with Synclify

Take a look at all the features Synclify has to offer

Sync videos with your friend

Use the extension to sync play/pause, playback, and volume changes.

Easy to use

Create a room code, share it with your friend, and watch together! Fast and easy.

Works anywhere

There are no limits. Use Synclify on any webpage that contains a video or an embedded video.

Ads-free and open-source

Synclify is completely ad-free and privacy friendly. No hidden tracking or data shared, you can check it yourself because yes, it's also open-source.

Get started

Add to your browser

Add the extension to your browser so you can create a room or join one using the code your friend gave to you.

Create a room

Click on the extension icon to open the menu and press on "Create room" to get a room code and start the synchronization.

Share the code

Share the code with your friend! They'll put it in the input box, press "Join" and...

Watch together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i send feedback?

You can send your feedback here.

Can i use it with more than one friend?

It should work but hasn't been tested yet.

The extension doesn't work on what can i do?

Refresh the page and try again. If the issue persists send your feedback here.

How can i support the development?

The best way is to share the word and suggest the extension to your friends! If you want to help with server costs you can become a Github sponsor

How can i contribute to the development?

The extension, as well as the backend code that runs on the server are open-source. Check out the Github repo, any contribution is appreciated.

What are you waiting for?

You're one click away from creating a watch party with your friends!

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